so basically, “Partynextdoor 2” is the album of the year in my opinion. probably the best project released this year besides my “Hello Mellow” EP (no bias).

I wanted to show respect & cover a @PARTYOMO song, but I couldn’t figure out which one! so I said f*ck it and just put them all together. lol. I needed a banger, so I teamed up with @ContraBANDprod again (same producers for “Hello Mellow” & “Miine”). we flipped it and added a nice touch. enjoy & spread the word!

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I think about fucking you way too much

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No but is this really a thing? Because I’ve gone into 5 different restaurants that were either jamaican or belizean and ended up not eating because none of them had what I wanted to try at the time. & I still have yet to try either of these types of food because of it.

So true lol



Chrisette Michele performing an unplugged version of her record, “Better”

The way she approaches each syllable. I dare you to not make this face.


This song makes me cry but I love the feeling anyway


3,774 plays Down & Out feat. Kanye West Cam'ron

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